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Transform your business decision-making with data science

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Event Agenda


Welcome Address

Ms. Edwina Hun
Sales Director

SIFT Analytics Group


Industry 4.0: Opportunities and Challenges in Demand and Supply Management

Technologies are disrupting businesses and transforming business models - in a good way - and this has given rise to Industry 4.0. A vast range of these technologies are already impacting production systems and supply chains; and this phenomenon has brought about lots of new opportunities, including additional revenues and cost reduction. In this session, you will hear about the opportunities and challenges as a result of the introduction of Industry 4.0; and the benefits and use-cases of data-driven supply chain management.  

Mr. Mah Win-Hong

Client Technical Professional


Demand Forecasting: Applied Advanced Analytics to Understand Demand Better

Reliable demand forecasts can impact your organisation’s ability to develop and implement successful strategies to go-to-market. Have you been using predictive analytics to drive your business decisions? Listen in to our speaker share about the importance of using advanced analytics in demand planning and how you can get started.

Mr. Cheong Wen Jun
Business Analytics Consultant
SIFT Analytics Group


Coffee Break & Demo Session


Operation Optimization: Advancing to Prescriptive Analytics to Make Optimal Decisions

Often, organisations need to use limited resources to make complex planning and scheduling decisions. While there can be many ways to organize these resources, there is no way to know which will give the best result. Decision Optimization, also known as Prescriptive Analytics, can help businesses to create the best possible plans, explore alternatives and understand trade-offs. Join our industry expert as he talks about how you can manage resources more efficiently.

Mr. Mah Win-Hong

Client Technical Professional


Closing Remarks



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Headquartered in Singapore, SIFT Analytics Group has been a leading provider of enterprise software solutions since 1999, delivering a comprehensive business solutions portfolio based upon enterprise and award winning technology. Our solution suite includes Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Planning & Budgeting, Enterprise Marketing Management and Enterprise Content Management.

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